Have you ever wondered what "Jump Blues" really is? Let us tell ya'll 'bout it!

There is a basic beat that has always touched our souls and is epitomized by Jump Blues. We all know about it, believe it or not. Jump Blues is a great version of up-tempo blues music characterized by a jazzy saxophone (or brass instruments) sound, driving rhythms and shouted, earthy, highly syncopated vocals. Many times it contains comedic lyrics on contemporary urban themes. Jump blues contains all of the elements that were the precursors of Rock & Roll.

Jump Blues first appeared in the late 1930s, and was enormously popular in the Forties and early Fifties performed by artists such as Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner and George "Harmonica" Smith. Prior to being tagged as "Jump Blues", this form of music was known as "Blues and Rhythm", then "Rhythm and Blues" and was the bridge between older styles of Blues, and the Big Band sound of the Forties. If your interest has been peaked, sit back and let us hip you to more of the history of Jump Blues.

Through his music, Bill Stuve carries on this fine tradition. This is readily apparent on his three albums, Flyin' Right, Say Man and Big Noise. All of us have been touched by the rhythm of this unique art form and Bill shows his love and talent for it in his work. This site features his CDs and is a celebration of his efforts. Along with his solo recordings, and a extensive "Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers" catalog. Bill has shared the stage and recorded with many of the "Who's Who" of the Blues. Some of these recordings are either out of print or have been repackaged in a variety of new and exciting packages. So you might have to do a bit of homework.

Please feel free to take a look at the Bill Stuve page. It's a useful place to start when searching for these fine Blues artists and their music. Bill would like to acknowledge and thank all of the great artists, living and passed, that have enriched his life by sharing their knowledge and presence. Many times he thinks back fondly to a moment, or comment, that has stayed with him and helped in his development as a musician.

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